Monday, December 9, 2013

I really Heart Pienki Blieu!!!!

Winter is really here. Are you tired of dull looking skin? Dry? Blah Blah Blah feeling when your rub your hands together.  I have the perfect solution for you. I came across this gem over the summer and I am SOOOOO in love with the products.
Chestnut Brown Sugar
OMG!!!!!! Toasted Chestnuts drenched in buttery brown sugar!! Mmmm! Not overpowering! Just right!!!

This right here is the truth. I received this and ......I just don't have the words. I love, LOVE this new scent for the fall Check out this one.
 You almost want to drink up Autumn Chai Spice. Pienki Blieu is winning all the way around with these. Not only do they have WHIPPED BUTTER but they have matching scrubs. Take a look.
Please do not sleep on this! Treat yourself, mom, sister AND the male in your life. That's right, Pienki Blieu has something for them too. I swear is they ever come out with I HEART Pienki Blieu shirts, can you say #TeamPienkiBlieu.

I have a secret about

 Okay, you DID NOT hear this from me BUT there is new soap on the site and its DELICIOUS.. Take a peek.

These are called XMAS LIGHTS SOAP... How pretty!!! OOOOh, I have another secret......
The next 5 orders of anything on my website, will receive chocolate scented lumps of coal soaps to put in someone's stocking! Go check them out at

Tell them I sent you.

Monday, December 2, 2013



I hope everyone is enjoying all the great sales that are happening today. Here is another great sale from  .

Looks YUMMY doesn't it? MMMM..MMM... Let me introduce.....14k Chocolate Covered Cherries Soap..YES, this is a delicious soap.. Next up is

Breaking Bad Bundle for Men and Women, Ed Hardy Scent. How pretty are those soaps? Not only will you smell wonderful but your boo will too. These are just a few soaps and buttahs that are on the site. Come support a small business and check out



Monday, November 18, 2013

Thinning Hair Project Oil

Well its been awhile since I visited. So many things have happened. I want to introduce the Thinning Hair Project Oil from Cheryl Kelly-Moye. Like most women, I am having problems with thinning hair on my crown and edges. I started using her oils during the latter part of the summer.
This has a bunch of goodies in the oils but what got me was GARLIC and ONION oil..Really? It has a strong scent but when I tried it, my stomach started I used it as a prepoo and made sure I focused on my problem areas.

Look at that. I was embarrassed to wear my wng because everywhere on my head it was nice and thick EXCEPT for this. Agony. So, let's fastforward to now. I have been using her oils and Coffee Burdock Twisting butter. And look what happened to my ugly spot.
It's filling in nicely. I use her oils like it was nobody's business. Since its winter, I have decided to try to wear twists and behold this gem she came out with.
 My hair is soo soft and I love the scent. Not only does she have oils but there is the Coffee Burdock Twisting Butter, Herbal Infused Spray, and for the man in your life...50 Shades of DAMNNNN soap and buttah.

From what I am hearing on Facebook, she started her Black Friday Sale early!!! Check her out at 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My journey into the 90 day Grow Your Own Hair Challenge with Nzuri Day 1.

I got it!!!!! My 90 day supplies from Nzuri Haircare. This is what I got in the mail...

The great big bottle is Nzuri Liquid Hair Vitamin plus Growth Stimulants..This is 32 fl. oz and you can either drink 2 capfuls in the am OR 1 in the am and 1 in the pm. I put it in my drink and chug a lug. The taste isn't too bad and I think you will get used to it. The liquid hair vitamin has many uses. You can add a capful to your weekly conditioner or 1/4 cup to your daily moisturizer. Also you can add it to your fave shampoo. Put some Nzuri on a cotton ball and apply it to your entire face. Shine in 5 to 10 days... Good for your nails too!! You can soak your nails directly in the liquid. Wash your hands first in soap and water and emerge your nails into the liquid for 5 minutes at a time...Wait a minute!! Not only is it good for your hair but for your skin and nails too? I am loving the multi-uses.

Next up is the Hair Booster 15 day Colon Cleanse..Um, a colon cleanse? Ok, I see. Clean up your insides of the icky stuff to help grow your hair.  This will get rid of the intestinal tract of excess waste, reduce bloating, help increase energy AND may provide several pounds of weight loss within a few days. Down the hatch they go! I work in a warehouse for 10 hours a day.(4 days) I hope and pray (yall pray too), I will be ok! 15 days of cleaning..LOL..Check! 2 pills for 15 days.

Hello to the Gro Herbal Hair Vitamin Formula. More wonderful vitamins for the bod, hair and nails.2 pills a day.Gobbled them up too! So far so good!

And finally, the Hair Follicle Food 61 Ancient Miracle Hair Growth.  100% natural. This gem has over 61 holistic herbal extracts, essential oils and vitamins. If you have ever used Brahmi, Amla, shikaki , then you know they have sort of an earthy smell. This oil has an earthy smell. Use a generous amount from the root to the tip. Really massage your scalp and leave it in for 10 minutes. You can leave in up to 3 days before your next wash. I slept in mine and washed it out the next morning. I might try that over the weekend.

Sounds like fun? On this challenge, I will be posting pics of Samantha LaRue(my hair) and we all can see how she is doing.
Come and join me in this challenge. Get your set of products at

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

90-Day Grow Your Own Hair Challenge.!!!!

Ok, I have decided to do a 90-Day Grow Your Own Hair Challenge  with Nzuri Hair Products. I have been natural for almost a year and Little Chopped early in the year. I have a nice sized patch on the top of my head and its growing back but real slow. I would like to see some length and to strengthen my hair as well. So, I am a Nzuri Challenge Captain and will be documenting my journey. I am excited to see the results. 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Come and see JessiCurl

I hope everyone enjoyed their day! I had the pleasure of doing a review on JessiCurl. I was excited and wanted to try their products.
I liked how they sent the deep conditioning AND an extra moisturizing conditioner. Also the products are based on your hair type and they give you a mini brochure on what is good for your type plus how to use them with friendly tips.  

First I tried the Hair Cleansing Cream. The scent is a wonderful Island Fantasy and reminded me of a citrus drink. It's creamy and not too thick. A little goes a long way so you really don't have to be heavy handed. With some poos, I have to wash a second time. Not with the cream! Once should do the trick. My hair felt really clean and to me it was soft to the touch.

Next i tried the Deep Conditioning Treatment. Now with this, you have some options. You can either use it as a leave in (for thicker, drier curl types), use it with heat or just sit and chill with a cap on for 30-60 min. So, I opted the 60 min dc. The DC is thick and really creamy. I didn't have any problems with slip and maybe it's because Samantha LaRue is really long. I sat around and crocheted a bit. After the time was up, I washed it out. Hmm, okay the curls were soft but they were not POPPING.

The Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner came next. This too is thick and creamy You can either leave it in for 3-5 min, then rinse or leave it in OR if your hair is on the fine side, then a DC. Of course, I left it in. I can see curls but still not POPPING.

Last up is the Confident Coils Styling Solutions. Light and creamy. A little goes on a long way. I put a little in and worked it a bit. My curls were moisturized and the curls were there but not POPPING.

I enjoyed trying out these products and no I am not getting paid for this.  I give JessiCurl a 4.5 Bottles out of 5. You can find them on FaceBook (, on their site and instagram @jessicurl. Drop by and give them a try.