Sunday, March 31, 2013

Simply Organic!!

 I tried something new for a few days. I received  Simply Organic Jamaican Black Castor oil Jasmine, Jamaican Black Castor oil extra strength, Extra virgin organic Coconut oil and some Argan oil. It came in glass bottles and it was packaged very securely. When I picked up the bottles, I noticed the color of the oils. Very clear except for the coconut oil. I smelled all of them and it was very pleasant nothing overbearing at all. I also noticed some printed directions and the uses. This was very helpful to me. All I knew was to put it in my hair and keep it moving. My hair is thin at the top and a little on the side from the perms. I tried the extra strength and I love it. It's on the thick side so a little goes a long way. I use it twice a day on my trouble spots. After a few days, I did notice it was softer and it looked like it was trying to thicken up a bit. I think it would be helpful that some sort of small plastic bottle came with the oils. It would be easier to use and more controlled. Very nice and I will continue to use the oils and do a revisit in a couple of weeks. You can check them out on their site ( and on Facebook (Simply Organic). When you visit the site, use free1 for free shipping on all orders. I give Simply Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil 4.5 Bottles out of 5.


Let's talk about the VBar...

Ladies, have you ever washed your lady parts with the wrong thing and you ended up being irritated? Sometimes, do you feel that you are not really fresh even after you get out of the shower? One night in my SwapSack group and someone brought up the VBar. Huh? As the conversation went on, I finally found out what is the VBar. This wonderful creation is an all natural soap for your lady parts. That's right I said it. When I received my bar, I like the fact that it was clear and had a cute little design on it. The scent is fresh and not perfumy at all. So, I tried it all week and WOW!! I love the VBAR. I felt so clean and really, really fresh. There wasn't and harmful ingredient in it. I know for sure, I will be purchasing a few bars. It has just the right suds and will leave you squeaky clean. This is a must have if you need to feel really FRESH!! Check out the VBar on the website (, Facebook ( V-Bar fan page), Twitter (@thevbarlady) or email (  I happily give the VBar 5 Bars out of 5. Check it out and get your free sample today!!

It's all about the Pooka!

Happy Easter to everyone!!! Pooka anybody? I have heard so many good things about Pooka Pure and Simple. I was so excited to review the Guava Mango Shea Body Butter. Let me tell you...when I opened the box and a delicious scent drifted out.  It smelled sooo good. I sniffed the box for at least 15 minutes BEFORE I got to the body butter. Finally, after I stopped sniffing the box, I took out the tin. I was impressed with the butter. The tin was real cute and it would fit perfectly in my purse. When I opened it up and I swear my mouth started watering.  I can smell the guava and mango. YUMMY.  This is the perfect scent for someone looking for something light and fruity. When applied to my skin, it went on smooth and had a very light sheen. You can find Pooka on facebook(Pooka Pure and Simple), Twitter (@pookalita), YouTube(Pooka Pure and Simple) and Blog (  Check them out if you are looking for a yummy treat for your skin. Ahh, smells to good. I give Pooka Pure and Simple's Guava Mango 5 Shea out of 5.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday night and Shea Botanica

I received this little package in the mail and let me tell you I do love anything Shea. I was excited to try my goodies from Shea Botanica. Upon opening the package, I noticed the interesting logo and thought it reminded me of a flower. Very nice. This is what I received.

It is a nice yellow color and it is hard. You have to work a little bit to get some out. I wasn't to crazy about the smell. It was a little strong for me, even after I applied some to my arm. I liked how it felt on my arm and it might have worked for me if it was unscented.

This foot cream smells so good. I can really smell the peppermint and tea tree when I opened it. I like how it was real easy to get out and it went on smoothly onto my feet. My feet feel soft to the touch and it wasn't greasy at all. Not real thick but a nice medium consistency.

I LOVE, LOVE this moisturizing cream. It is hard for me to find a good moisturizer that will not leave my skin real greasy. Finally, I found one. This is pure heaven and the scent is light not overpowering. My hands tend to get very dry and with this cream, my hands are soft to the touch. I like the way it was absorbed after i rubbed it in.

This reminds me of whipped butter. I was trying to decide if I wanted to use this when I twisted my hair or try it as a wash n go. Well the twists on and I am liking what I see. After I went through my usual ritual, I applied this styling cream it is a little thick, it glided on real nice. The scent is lemongrass and it smells so good. I think of lemon drops every I smell it. I can tell by looking at my twist, it looks very moisturized and when I pulled a little, the twists would spring back. I can't wait to undo the twists tomorrow.
Besides the Shea butter, I really enjoyed using the rest of the products. You can find them on Facebook, Etsy and on their website. Go and check them out! Overall, I give Shea Botanica a 4.5 jars out of 5.

Friday, March 22, 2013

***CLOSED***Can I reach 900 page views? A giveaway perhaps?

744 page views? WOW!! That really awesome. I decided, if I get to 900 page views, I will do a giveaway. WOO HOO!!! That's right a giveaway.. And what am I giving away?
I have a tube of Lip MawAhh's You're So Cute Chocolate. Check out my review on it and when you are finished come back to this post and type " My Lips love MawAhh in the comment section. The winner will get this yummy tube and all I ask is you go on facebook, post a pic and let her know you won this on Curlie Gurly's blog.

Good Luck to everyone!!


MMM...Lip MawAhh......

MMM..MMM...I went out to check my mail and look what I got..

This is simply DELICIOUS!! You're so Cute Chocolate is by Lip MawAhh..When I first saw this I thought it was very cute. I like simple stuff and this was perfect for me plus its CHOCOLATE...It smells so heavenly and I had to try it out. It glided on really smooth and filled my nose with chocolate. I even had to try it. It even tastes like chocolate. The best part is....drum roll, please..... it is homemade and 100% natural. WHAT!!! Yes, it has various oils and shea butter. Good stuff to make your lips feel soft and smelling good.
If you love a good and I do mean GOOD lip balm/gloss, then you will LOVE Lip MawAhh. Check them out on facebook (MawAhh), Twitter (@MawAhhLips) and website Now since I have this, I am putting the others on the back burner. The Founder and Creative Designer Sherita Collins hit this right out of the ball park. I give this yummy Lip MawAhh 5 Lips out of 5 lips.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wonderful world of Crocheting

I thought I would do something a little different today. Instead of reviewing, I would show you what I do in my spare time.  I needed something to help keep me calm. Everything would just set me off. I revisited the wonderful world of crocheting. Last year, I was making hats, cowls and scarves. Then I started to do more. Purses, cuter hats and a blanket. So here is a little eye candy for the crochet lovers. Enjoy.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silky Shea Cream is good to me!

Finally the girls are in the bed and I get to test out this wonderful Silky Shea Cream by Ynobe. I have been looking for a product that will leave my Teeny Weeny soft and moisturized.  This piece of heaven is so creamy and when you look at it, you will notice the whipped consistancy.  It has various oils in it but you can really smell the shea. I was going to twist my hair with it but decided to see how it would do in a wash n go. This passed with flying colors. As you know, my hair in the back is different from the hair up front. My back is like POW POW! It's thicker and I can feel the definition in my curls. Using the Silky Shea Cream on the thinner hairs up front, I really can see that my curls are looser and can see a hint of a wave pattern. I really hope that changes and get with the program soon. I love how it came with a thank you card. I have never gotten a thank you card with my product. That was really nice and you can tell she cares about her customers. Do me this favor. Please check out her store at or check out her facebook under Ynobe. If you are looking for a real nice moisturizing shea cream for your curl, this is the place to go. I give Silky Shea Cream 5 curls out of 5 curls.

Make Me Over, Overnight Natural

Hey everyone!! I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather today... Look at all goodies I received from Overnight Natural March Make Me Over. This is a subscription service that not only give you things for your hair but also for your body. HUH? Your body too? That's right. I love the pretty purple box.When I opened up my box, I saw a list of what was included in my box. It was really helpful to see on that list, what was full sized, what it is, the ingredients and where it came from. Very nice, indeed. Now, I had to fight my girls over this decorative eye guard. I am so liking that. I will use that tonight. Next I see a Goody Spin Pin Hair Accessory...Ugh, I wish I could use this now but Teeny Weeny hasn't come of age yet...Hmm, but she will soon. I think this is very cute and you can use this to put you hair up instead of using a ponytail holder. Cute and handy. Ah, Sugar Dumpling, a natural Exfoliating body scrub from...Overnight Natural.  This is in a clear small jar and looks like clumps of brown sugar.. Oh, this is going to be a good one. I can smell lemons and orange. I can't wait to use this.  The next item I come to is the Lavender Apple Cider Vinegar from A Stella Blue Daydream (don't you just love that). I can smell the lavender and of course the vinegar. Included is some handy ways your can use it. I never would have thought to use it in place of fabric softener, in the bath water or as a great household cleaner. You can use this as a hair rinse! YAY!! Awww, these are sooo cute!! A Mane moisturizer and Detangling conditioner from Curly Girl in lil bottles. Thank goodness, my hair isn't but so long. It smells so good. They both smell fruity to me and small enough to travel with.  Now when I first saw the next two items, I thought they were both chapsticks. Thank goodness I took the time to really look at them. One of the tubes is a Natural Lip Balm from Willow Tree Minerals in Sugared Strawberry. MMM..MMM..MMM.. I really, really LOVE this lip balm. It's in a oval tube. Very cute and smells yummy! The other one is a Heel Fix Stick by Classic Sugar Boutique. This is a winner for me!. Now you know, its time to get your feet right for those pretty sandals and heels. I can smell the pepperment and this also is in a oval tube.  The last 3 items are is a Plum Eye Liner by Mixology Makeup (OMG, it's so pretty), Eye Firming Treatment by Yes to Blueberries and a Breakfast Facial Scrub by Black Parrot Creations. Hold on! A breakfast facial scrub. This really doesn't smell like anything. You mix this with a liquid activator like water, milk, aloe vera, etc.  This is a wonderful box. I love everything that came in for the March box. You get a nice assortment of items for your hair and body. Ladies, this is well worth it. This one came with 11 items, some full and some samples. Check Overnight Natural on facebook, Twitter and The best part of this service is that you can pay month to month. So, this means if you want you skip a month, you can. No commitments!!! Isn't that just wonderful? What are you waiting for? Go and check them out! I give Overnight Natural 5 boxes out of 5.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Deep Conditioning with Aubrey GPB

Well I have been itching to try the Aubrey Organics GPB as a deep conditioner. It was a good night to try it. This is a little different. You apply it to dry hair and work it in good. Then you leave it in for 15 minutes. So, by the time I chased the kids down and tucked them in, the time flew past.... MMMM....this smell so good and it again felt so good. I was able to comb thru Teeny Weeny with no problems. After I rinsed and continued on, my hair felt soft. I'm not sure which one I liked, as a regular conditioner or a DC. Honestly I like them either way. If you haven't tried this fab conditioner, you are missing out on a good treat. I give Aubrey Organics GPB as a Deep Condition a 5 out of 5 Bottles.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Creamy Aubrey Organics GPB

This is the first time I used a conditioner that was thick and very, very creamy! What a treat for Teeny Weeny! Also, it's a first time that I have used a glycogen protein balancing conditioner. With this you can either used it on damp hair or dry as a deep conditioner. I used it after I shampooed. I kid you not, after I applied the conditioner, my hair started sanging in the shower. (Oh hush, it did do that)!! When I smelled the conditioner, it smelled fresh and reminds me of rain. I rinsed it out and my hair felt sooo soft. I really enjoyed using it but I wonder how it would really feel after I use it as a deep conditioner. Teeny weeny isn't really long so I couldn't tell you about slip but i'm telling you, this will make your hair SANG!!!( well it made mine sang). Check them out on facebook ( Aubrey Organics USA) and their website
I give Aubrey's GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner 5 Bottles out of 5 Bottles.