Friday, May 17, 2013

Hot Summer Sale on Crochet Earrings

Hand crafted crochet earrings

2/15 on the cascade earrings and
2/10 on the flower, arrowheads and flower motif. Check me out on fb,  DCM Designz. Let me know what colors

Monday, May 6, 2013

Elasta QP

I just so happen to see a vlogger do a review on Elasta QP. When I received my box I was pleased but disappointed at the same time. I received the Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer, which smells very good. I tried this and my curls were popping and it felf moisturized. I loved how it felt going in. The next one was the Curl Defining Pudding. Wonderful stuff. When this went in, my front really curled up and when it tried, it was a very nice hold and not crunchy. Next was the Curl wax. This is for straightening your hair. Couldn't use this because for one, my hair is long like that and two I haven't used heat in my hair in a year. That was a no go for me.
The last two is the Growth Moisturizer and Moisture Butter Shampoo. With the shampoo, I got good lather and it was nice slip. My hair afterwards felt moisterized and smelled like mangoes. The Growth Moisturizer is creamy and went in smooth. I didn't have a problem with it. Now you know I am in a quest for a good leave in conditioner and was disappointed that I received 2 moisturizers and not a leave in. The disappointment came in when I used the products together. When I did that, it produced lil balls of product throughout my hair. I was worried about that and believe me I wasn't a happy camper. In all, if the product didn't react to itself and if I had a leave in instead of the 2 moisturerizers, it would have been perfect. I give Elasta QP 4 bottles out of 5.