Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Come and see JessiCurl

I hope everyone enjoyed their day! I had the pleasure of doing a review on JessiCurl. I was excited and wanted to try their products.
I liked how they sent the deep conditioning AND an extra moisturizing conditioner. Also the products are based on your hair type and they give you a mini brochure on what is good for your type plus how to use them with friendly tips.  

First I tried the Hair Cleansing Cream. The scent is a wonderful Island Fantasy and reminded me of a citrus drink. It's creamy and not too thick. A little goes a long way so you really don't have to be heavy handed. With some poos, I have to wash a second time. Not with the cream! Once should do the trick. My hair felt really clean and to me it was soft to the touch.

Next i tried the Deep Conditioning Treatment. Now with this, you have some options. You can either use it as a leave in (for thicker, drier curl types), use it with heat or just sit and chill with a cap on for 30-60 min. So, I opted the 60 min dc. The DC is thick and really creamy. I didn't have any problems with slip and maybe it's because Samantha LaRue is really long. I sat around and crocheted a bit. After the time was up, I washed it out. Hmm, okay the curls were soft but they were not POPPING.

The Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner came next. This too is thick and creamy You can either leave it in for 3-5 min, then rinse or leave it in OR if your hair is on the fine side, then a DC. Of course, I left it in. I can see curls but still not POPPING.

Last up is the Confident Coils Styling Solutions. Light and creamy. A little goes on a long way. I put a little in and worked it a bit. My curls were moisturized and the curls were there but not POPPING.

I enjoyed trying out these products and no I am not getting paid for this.  I give JessiCurl a 4.5 Bottles out of 5. You can find them on FaceBook (, on their site and instagram @jessicurl. Drop by and give them a try.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Heart Pienki Blieu!!

AHHHH!!! I have been on a search and find mission for the perfect body butter /scrub. All I can say is Pienki Blieu. I got the chance to use the Whipped Body Butter and Scrub in Moroccan Mango. Let me tell you, my skin feels so soft and moisturized. When my treats came in, I love how a nice card came with the product. That was a very nice touch and it was personalized. YAY!! I opened the Whipped Body Butter First. It was so creamy and smells delicious! I put a dab on my arm and was in heaven. It smelled so good, my daughters wanted to wear some too. Okay, I gave them a little dab on their arms too. I grabbed the scrub and took a sniff. Wonderfully fruity. The scent isn't overbearing and it reminds me of an exotic island. The scrub is nice and thick. When I applied it to my skin and rubbed it a little, I can tell my skin was getting softer. After I used the scrub, I dabbed the towel on my skin and applied the butter while i was somewhat wet. I know now, I do not need to look any further. All night long, I kept rubbing my skin in amazement. My skin was soft AND silky. I felt DELICIOUS!!! The real test was how my skin felt in the morning. Pienki Blieu passed with flying colors! I am a forever customer. I can't WAIT to try the other scents. I give this treasure 5 Butters out of 5. I Heart Pienki Blieu! If you are looking for the perfect body butter and scrub, Pienki Blieu is the way to go. They can be found on facebook ( and  

Hello to Azariah's Innocence

I remember when I was 12 back in the day. I played outside with my friends and concerned about the new toy that was coming out. This is 2013 and here is a 12 year old with her own business!! YES, SHE IS 12!! That is amazing to me! I got the chance to try some of her products. The packaging was wonderfully done and reminded me of Christmas a bit. My daughters had fun opening it.  It was so many to choose from everything look so yummy and beautiful. I chose the Gingerbread soap. OMG!! it smells just like gingerbread and i almost took a bite. My 2 girls LOVED using it. We then tried the stick of lotion. I loved how you could just roll it on your skin. It was very handy and easy to apply. I LOVED EVERYTHING. I give Azariah's Innocence 5 Bars out of 5. You can find her on facebook (, Site ( Please, PLEASE check her out. You will not be disappointed. I know I wasn't.