Monday, November 18, 2013

Thinning Hair Project Oil

Well its been awhile since I visited. So many things have happened. I want to introduce the Thinning Hair Project Oil from Cheryl Kelly-Moye. Like most women, I am having problems with thinning hair on my crown and edges. I started using her oils during the latter part of the summer.
This has a bunch of goodies in the oils but what got me was GARLIC and ONION oil..Really? It has a strong scent but when I tried it, my stomach started I used it as a prepoo and made sure I focused on my problem areas.

Look at that. I was embarrassed to wear my wng because everywhere on my head it was nice and thick EXCEPT for this. Agony. So, let's fastforward to now. I have been using her oils and Coffee Burdock Twisting butter. And look what happened to my ugly spot.
It's filling in nicely. I use her oils like it was nobody's business. Since its winter, I have decided to try to wear twists and behold this gem she came out with.
 My hair is soo soft and I love the scent. Not only does she have oils but there is the Coffee Burdock Twisting Butter, Herbal Infused Spray, and for the man in your life...50 Shades of DAMNNNN soap and buttah.

From what I am hearing on Facebook, she started her Black Friday Sale early!!! Check her out at