Monday, December 9, 2013

I really Heart Pienki Blieu!!!!

Winter is really here. Are you tired of dull looking skin? Dry? Blah Blah Blah feeling when your rub your hands together.  I have the perfect solution for you. I came across this gem over the summer and I am SOOOOO in love with the products.
Chestnut Brown Sugar
OMG!!!!!! Toasted Chestnuts drenched in buttery brown sugar!! Mmmm! Not overpowering! Just right!!!

This right here is the truth. I received this and ......I just don't have the words. I love, LOVE this new scent for the fall Check out this one.
 You almost want to drink up Autumn Chai Spice. Pienki Blieu is winning all the way around with these. Not only do they have WHIPPED BUTTER but they have matching scrubs. Take a look.
Please do not sleep on this! Treat yourself, mom, sister AND the male in your life. That's right, Pienki Blieu has something for them too. I swear is they ever come out with I HEART Pienki Blieu shirts, can you say #TeamPienkiBlieu.

I have a secret about

 Okay, you DID NOT hear this from me BUT there is new soap on the site and its DELICIOUS.. Take a peek.

These are called XMAS LIGHTS SOAP... How pretty!!! OOOOh, I have another secret......
The next 5 orders of anything on my website, will receive chocolate scented lumps of coal soaps to put in someone's stocking! Go check them out at

Tell them I sent you.

Monday, December 2, 2013



I hope everyone is enjoying all the great sales that are happening today. Here is another great sale from  .

Looks YUMMY doesn't it? MMMM..MMM... Let me introduce.....14k Chocolate Covered Cherries Soap..YES, this is a delicious soap.. Next up is

Breaking Bad Bundle for Men and Women, Ed Hardy Scent. How pretty are those soaps? Not only will you smell wonderful but your boo will too. These are just a few soaps and buttahs that are on the site. Come support a small business and check out