Introducing Bobeam ( Bo-bee-um)

Let me introduce a wonderful, WONDERFUL shampoo bar from Bobeam Products. Bobeam(Bo-bee-um)  is from the Ghanaian language Twi means 'the way it was created' and it characterizes all of the shop items - they are all handmade. During this natural journey, I have been using shampoos and cowashes. They were great and it served its purpose. I have heard other curly friends about a poo bar. Hmm, that sparked my interest. When I got my box from Bobeam Products, I was in heaven. The shampoo bars are HUGE!!!! I was in heaven and had a hard time picking which one to use. I like how on each poo bar you can read the ingredients. All good stuff. Finally I had to choose one and I picked the J'Rels Detox Clay Bar- Grapefruit and Peppermint. Let me just say....It smells so good and juicy. The first time i used it, it didn't take much to lather up. Every time I would swipe the bar thru my hair, I could smell the grapefruit and peppermint. I did a few swipes with the bar and my curls were very springy. I made sure to lather up twice and my hair never felt so clean. After I rinsed for the second time, I knew my co wash and shampoo days were over. This is all I have been using. And with the bars being so big, I am not worried of running out anytime soon. After I rinsed, conditioned etc, I massaged my scalp and sealed my ends with the Rootz Herbal Hair Oil. It smells of peppermint and lavender. I don't know why but it relaxed me and my scalp felt really good.  If you have never tried a shampoo bar, you don't know what you are missing. Check out Bobeam Natural Hair Products on facebook and on etsy You will LOVE these poo bars. I give Bobeam 5 poo bars out of 5.


  1. Great review! I love your wash routine description - it made me want to go grab a Grapefruit and Peppermint bar and wash my hair - lol Yay!!! for teh 5 poo bars out of 5 ;0


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