Oooh La La...Hello She She Kouture

She She Kouture....the name reminds me of something French. I love whisper the name to my daughter. Anywho, not only do they specializing in the newest, trendiest accessories and clothing in the indsutry but they also offer other items as well.
The Lip balm is in tropical and glides on my lips. Some lip balms you really have to put in some work but not this one. Very smooth. This makes my lips feel smooth and silky. Love it! Next is a sample of bubble bath in Strawberry Champagne. I don't take baths only showers but I used it for my girls. It bubbled up real nice and my girls smelled so good. They hated to get in the water. Their skin had a silky feel to it. My bathroom smelled really good. This would be wonderful if it was a shower gel. I used the butter soap in Baby Fresh. Ahh, I didn't think soap could smell so good. I was in the shower for a good while with that soap. It smells of baby powder and a fresh scent. I got so many compliments and folks swore I had on some perfume. Ha, I just tell them, its Baby Fresh!! The last item is a Calming, Soothing Bath Tea. I almost messed up with that one. I thought it was drinking tea and went to go fix it. It's a good thing I took my time and read the big ole DO NOT INGEST. Yes I know. SMH!!! I am going to use this when the girls are at their dad's. I think I am going to need a good ole soak with this. I know, I know.....a few sentences up I stated I don't take baths only shower BUT this is a bath tea. I have to try this out. In all, I love all my samples.  Check them out on facebook and on their site I give the fancy SheShe Kouture 5 Smell Goods out of 5.


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