Skin Delicious BODY SO FINE!!!

Skin Delicious BODY SO FINE!! I love the name. Just saying it makes you feel DELICIOUS! When I received these products, I knew I was in for a treat.
This is the Amazing Moroccan Clay Hair Mask Intense Deep Conditioning. When I first opened it, the scent was really pleasant and the color is a light beige.
 The consistency is thin and it went on great. I put it on and sat with a shower cap on. I don't have a hooded dryer so I wrapped it up really good. After 20 minutes, I rinsed it out in the shower. My hair felt good and my curls were curly. I went thru my usual routine and then picked up this little gem.
This is My Mojo Organic Luxury Oil for Hair and Body. I love oil that smells good and this here is one of them. I like how it glides on my hair. When I put this in, my hair felt so moisturized. I love it so much, I tried this on my daughter's hair. Her curls just POPPED and she loves the scent. Both of our curls really curled up after I shimmied the oil thru.

Now I have been on a hunt for a good conditioner. I believe I have found one.
 Hello, GORGEOUS Hair Triple Strength daily Conditioner. Very pleasant scent, thick and creamy. I used this as a leave in. Went on very smooth and I didn't have any problems.

It is not heavy at all and Teeny Weeny is loving being moisturized. If you are looking to jump start your curls or need some much needed moisture, check out Skin Delicious BODY SO FINE on facebook or on their site 
I give Skin Delicious BODY SO FINE 5 Jars out of 5.


  1. Maketa-
    Thank you so much for your fantastic review, and kind comments on SDBSF! I greatly appreciate that you took the time to DISH your thoughts. I'm so glad you liked our My Mojo oil - it's actually one of my personal favorites too (along with the whole line of course)! We look forward to hearing more from you!

    Hairs to You,

    Mindy Lindner
    SDBSF Founder + CEO


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