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 I got the chance to review a new subscription service called Natural Hair Box. There are other services out here but what impressed me the most is that it was DELIVERED in a very timely manner. I love the logo and it reminded me of a bow on top of a present. And how I love presents.
Upon opening my box, I see Bake Shop Butters in a delicious Lemon Cake by Nureka Duncan, Total Moisture Styling Butter from Authenticality Company, CC's Naturals Hibiscus Leave In Conditioner, Sincere-ly Naturale Apothecary in Deluxe Butter-Laiche Cream- Strawberried Coconut, Naturalista Organic and Natural Hair Care's Juicy Leave I Conditioner, Jamberry Nails and a Butter Cup which is a homemade butter. I love all these homemade products that can be use for your hair as well as your skin.  
Every customer who signs up for the Natural Hair Box subscription service will receive products that have natural, gentle ingredients and are produced by companies who foster the belief of putting wholesome, healthy ingredients onto your hair strands“There are other beauty boxes to choose from when it comes to subscription services, although Natural Hair Box differentiates itself by asking subscribers what they wanted and giving it to them,” said Akira “Jael” Byrd, Founder of Natural Hair Box.

Akira “Jael” Byrd, Founder of Natural Hair Box

The products selected for Natural Hair Box are also vetted by the Natural Hair Box staff. Mrs. Byrd stated that each product must pass 5 point inspection. If the product doesn’t successfully pass the 5 point inspection and isn’t specifically requested by the subscribers, don’t expect to see the product included within Natural Hair Box.

“We understand that each person’s hair is different. What works for one person, may not work for another,” Mrs. Byrd said. “This is why we don’t have a panel of experts and gurus, because we want to empower the Natural Hair Box subscribers to be gurus of their own hair. We send out boxes containing products that subscribers have requested, so our subscribers can try them and decide how they like the product.”

Hair care products that are included in the boxes range in size from 3 oz. samples to 16 oz. full-sized products. A typical Natural Hair Box contains products valued at $50 or more based on the retail prices of the items.

“Natural Hair Box generally includes very few true sample sizes – 1 oz. sample packets. Most of our products are premium-sized to full-sized products. We recognize that many product samples are only useful to test on a small section of hair, which can be useless for women who have longer lengths of hair. Our goal is to provide you with a size that is applicable to one full application or more, so that you can experience the product,” Mrs. Byrd said. In addition to the hair care boxes, Mrs. Byrd runs a blog www.NaturalHairCommunity.com which discusses natural hair care and the problems associated with it.

Jael and Kenneth (husband) have always made recommendations about what has worked well based on their personal experiences, but they always encourage women to become the guru of their natural hair. Also, they read extensively about what other naturals say has worked for them and share the knowledge with others. “I give my readers information based on what I have learned, the good and the bad,” she explains.

For more information, visit www.NaturalHairBox.com


 With this said, what a wonderful start and I see BIG things from Jael and her Natural Hair Box. I want to say thank you for the opportunity to do a review on Natural Hair Box. I give them a 5 boxes out of 5. If you want something new and exciting, check them out.


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